Value Your Trade

Value Your Trade-In at Gus Brown Hyundai

When you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle to a new Hyundai, you may want to explore trading in your old vehicle with us. At Gus Brown Hyundai, we’ll gladly help you trade in your old vehicle at fair value so you can get a lower purchase price on your next Hyundai vehicle. Our expert team will appraise your vehicle based on year, make, model, condition, and other factors to get the most accurate appraisal. We’ve made it easier than ever to get started in appraising your trade-in, with our integrated CARFAX submission service that will allow us to get back to you as quickly as possible with an estimate. Learn more about the process, and how to get the most value from your used vehicle below!

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How Much is My Vehicle Worth?

For a completely accurate and confirmed appraisal, we will need to inspect your trade-in vehicle at our dealership facility in Brooklin, Ontario. Our location is just 7 minutes away from Dundas and Thickson, making it easy for you to bring your vehicle in for an evaluation! During an in-person inspection, we’re able to make accurate assessments regarding the vehicle, from detailed exterior and interior inspections, as well as VIN number lookup. When you contact our dealership, our support staff will connect with you and help guide you through this process, get all the details we need, and set up the appointment to inspect your vehicle.

How to Improve the Value of my Vehicle?

We want you to get the best value possible for your vehicle in order to maximize the trade-in amount you can apply for your new Hyundai. That is why we have some key tips you can learn from to maximize your old vehicles return.

Keep It Clean:

  • A simple yet often overlooked factor is keeping your vehicle as clean as possible before you bring it to us for appraisal. Do your best to give both the exterior and interior a thorough clean. Our dealership does also offer Detailing Services, should you choose to trust us to deep clean your vehicle so that it’s looking brand-new.

Minor Repairs:

  • Low-cost repairs can have a high-cost impact on your trade-in value. When possible, taking care of minor issues such as paint chipping or burnt-out lightbulbs yourself can save you in trade-in value down the road.

Optional Equipment:

  • If your trade-in vehicle has enhancements like optional accessories or an extra set of tires, be sure to include those with the trade-in, as these can create additional value for your vehicle.

Provide Documents:

  • It’s always best practice to keep documents of all the work history done on your vehicle, even if you don’t plan on trading it in anytime soon. When you do wish to trade in the vehicle, presenting existing documents of previous work can be a tremendous assist in determining the proper value of your vehicle.

If you feel your vehicle is ready for trade-in appraisal, be sure to give us a call and book your appointment with us as soon as possible. Our representatives will be happy to help you to set everything up and make this a seamless process for you. We at Gus Brown Hyundai look forward to seeing you at our Brooklin location soon.