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Find the tires that fit your exact vehicle here with our comprehensive online Tire Store here at Gus Brown Hyundai. We offer a robust selection of tires from various brands, covering all 4 seasons and various weather conditions you’ll encounter here in Ontario. Check out our full tire inventory availability here below, or call to book your appointment to visit our new dealership location, proudly serving the Whitby region.

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Why You Need Two Sets of Tires

There are several advantages to having a second set of wheels & tires for your Hyundai vehicle. It is always recommended by experts to have both an all-season set, and designated winter-tire set to be able to safely operate and control your vehicle even in the harshest Ontario weather conditions. Other advantages to having multiple tire sets including lower overall wear and tear, as your mileage is distributed across multiple sets rather than all on one set. The cost-savings as well as safety benefit of having separate tire sets make investing in a second set a responsible decision going forward.

Extend the Life of Your Tires

When you have a designated winter-tire set for those snowy and icy Ontario months, or a summer performance-oriented set to maximize the open asphalt, you’re maximizing the lifespan of both your sets. Splitting the annual mileage over two different sets allows your tires to last longer, and ultimately save on the cost of replacing tires more often due to wear and tear.

Be Prepared for Winter

Tackle the snowy and icy winter months with designated winter tires from Gus Brown Hyundai. Our experts know which tires are the best fit for your vehicle, and offer the best performance, safety, and control during the winter months. Even with AWD vehicles, winter tires make a significant difference in stopping distance and grip during adverse conditions. Having a winter-tire set is a responsible way for drivers to protect themselves, their occupants, as well as other drivers on the road.

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Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance is a key factor in ensuring the quality of your tires is maintained throughout their lifespan. That is why we’ve created a Tire Maintenance sheet outlining the key factors in determining tire condition, as well as how your tire cognition can be an indicator of more significant issues with your vehicle. Tire checks, rotations, and alignments are also included in our Hyundai Maintenance Schedule, which we recommend all Hyundai drivers follow to ensure their Hyundai stays in top condition. To learn more about tire maintenance, click the link below to read our summary, and book your service appointment with us!

Tire Storage at Gus Brown Hyundai

We know that storing tires can take up a lot of valuable space and can be a hassle to manage. That is why we offer affordable tire storage services for our customers, ensuring that your second set is safe and secure with us until the next tire changeover. Contact our dealership directly to inquire about storage options for your extra set, and if you would like us to change over your tires for you, our expert technicians are happy to do that for you as well!


For every Hyundai, we offer the right tire solutions that perfectly match your vehicle. Be sure to visit our new dealership location, or utilize our robust online Tire Store in order to view which tires are perfect fits for your vehicle. Find your next set of summer, winter, or all-weather tires here at Gus Brown Hyundai. For more details or assistance, be sure to give us a call or visit our location!