What is the Hyundai Nexo?

Hyundai Nexo

The Nexo is the upcoming hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle from Hyundai. Proof of Hyundai’s dedication to sustainability and innovation, the Nexo will be the ultimate zero-emission vehicle in Canada. With over 500 kilometers of expected range, and only water vapour as an emission, the Nexo is the next level of efficiency. While details regarding the Nexo are still to be released, we do know the anticipated range and other exciting features you’ll find in the Hyundai Nexo. Stay connected with us at Gus Brown Hyundai for all the latest Hyundai news, and for when you can expect more information about this innovative SUV.

What is the Nexo’s Range?

The anticipated range of the Hyundai Nexo is an extremely impressive 570km on a full charge, which is top of its class for electric vehicles in Canada currently. Best of all, the Nexo can achieve a full charge in only 5 minutes of charge time, and emits only water vapour and purified air. This unmatched level of efficiency and fast-charging is the first of its kind in Ontario and across Canada, exceeding any fuel-cell EV range on the entire planet. No matter where you travel, be it short journeys through Brooklin and the Durham region, or long road trips across the province, the Nexo will be the perfect SUV for you.

What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle?

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are not common on the roads today, but that’s only due to the technology just being brought to market recently. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles operate by combining hydrogen and oxygen particles to produce energy, and therefore emit only water and air as an emission. It still ultimately uses electricity to propel the drivetrain, but the electricity is not generated by a traditional EV motor.

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