Sell Us Your Vehicle in Brooklin, Ontario


There’s never been a better time to consider selling your current vehicle on the market here in Ontario. More buyers are interested in finding their next vehicle, so it’s definitely a sellers market when it comes to used cars. While you can get a great offer on your used vehicle, the process of listing your vehicle and finding the right buyer can get in the way of your daily routine, and take up more time that you would rather spend with your family and friends. Gus Brown Hyundai eliminates the need to do it all yourself, as we offer competitive prices for your used vehicle. Give us a call today and see how we can help you get a fast and simple deal on your used car.

Why Sell My Vehicle?

As you know, the current market for used vehicles has never been hotter. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, this is a great time to explore selling your current vehicle to potentially get a greater price than you’d expect. At Gus Brown Hyundai, we offer accurate vehicle appraisal services which provide you an accurate valuation and offer at competitive market prices. Asides from the greater price, you’ll also be able to put our offer towards a new Hyundai model right off our Brooklin-located dealership lot.

What is the Process of Selling My Vehicle?

The process to sell your current vehicle is quite simple, as we take care of all the stress and effort instead of you having to deal with all that. Simply book your appraisal appointment at our dealership, and bring your vehicle by to be officially appraised by our trained staff. After appraisal, our finance team will put together a competitive offer for your vehicle, and even help you secure a new plan for a Hyundai model from Gus Brown Hyundai, or you can just choose to walk away with cash-in-hand! Click the link below to start the online process.

We offer the simplest solutions to selling your current vehicle for the best possible price, and even helping you secure your next model. At Gus Brown Hyundai, we cover all the bases when it comes to Hyundai and vehicles for sale in Brooklin and the entire Durham region in Ontario. Speak to our expert staff today, and experience the stress-free process of getting the best value for your vehicle and time.